Adrianne loves to write. She loves to inspire and encourage people even more. Her intention with her books is to help those who read them feel validated in how they feel as she quenches her own creative drive.

Adrianne is excited to announce the release of her second published book, "A Mother's Hidden Grief: Managing the pain of baby loss while supporting your children." 

Providing support to mothers who have lost a baby (whether during pregnancy or into toddler hood) has been a passion of Adrianne's for the last 10 years.  Losing her own baby in 2004 is what inspired her to go into grief counseling. 

Her new book guides mothers through their pain and offers therapeutic workbook activities, helping them process and integrate grief.

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Adrianne's first published book was through Balboa Press; "Creative Chameleon Finds Acceptance; A story for gender self-identifying kids" 

Creative Chameleon is a helpful resource for teaching acceptance of self and others to children who are gender self-identifying. But she will capture the hearts and imaginations of all children, as her encounters offer wisdom and insight into feeling "different," identifying and expressing emotions, and loving who you are!

With helpful questions, recommendations and resources for caregivers, as well as drawing pages for emotional processing for children, it will be a resource that you will come back to again and again as your child develops.


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Adrianne has also authored of a series of grief books that were created to help children and adults cope with thoughts and feelings when dealing with illness and/or death. These books offer grief education, help readers with feelings identification, suggest positive coping skills and list support and resources for those who have experienced a loss.

Each book in "The Spirit Series" was created for a specific loss, allowing the reader to project themself into the story in an emotionally safe way. The adult grief book is a workbook, allowing the reader to work through grief into healing.

Please read the descriptions below for more information about each book. They are waiting for the perfect pubisher and will soon be available for purchase!

The Spirit of Bunnies
How will young Takoda cope when his fluffy twin sister get's hurt?
The Spirit of Bunnies is a rhyming story about connection, loyalty, loss and healing.
The Spirit of Trees
A book to help prepare children for loss and deal with grief, "The Spirit of Trees," follows a family of Aspen trees as Father Tree is injured and cannot recover. The family explores differing perspectives of loss and subsequent healing.
The Spirit of Puppies
Trying to navigate his feelings while dealing with a sick sibling, Bo is supported by others in the questions that arise.
The Spirit of Angels
A Y.A. fictional account of a teen’s search for understanding and reconciliation of her grandfather’s death, and the celestial intervention that follows.
The Spirit of Fairies
A rhyming story for young children with a parent who is seriously ill, a young girl is visited by fairy friends who explain illness and feelings.
The Spirit of Cookies
Grief is triggered in a memory while two friends are baking. Through sharing their thoughts and feelings, they are able to find support and healing following the death of a grandparent/parent.
The Spirit of Horses
An American Indian themed tale about the loss of a mother and finding answers, strength and healing in the journey.
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