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Books by Adrianne Wagner, MA, NCC

A Mother's Hidden Grief

Learning to manage the pain of baby loss while supporting your children

Learn how to manage your grief while supporting your kids through theirs! The death of a baby changes everything. You aren’t the same. Your experience has changed the way you see the world, and you may wonder how you will ever get over the endless pain of your grief.


On top of your pain, you may wonder how to explain death, grief, and other adult themes to your children. What is appropriate? How do you help them with their grief when you can barely face your own? What if it’s possible to get through your pain while supporting your children? What if you can take the worst pain you’ll ever know and transform it into something that will help you find your place in the world again?


Grief counselor Adrianne Wagner, MA, NCC shares her own story of loss and transformation to help you work through your own pain while supporting your kids through their grief. With information on common themes, thoughts, and feelings that often accompany grief and unique opportunities to navigate them


Creative Chameleon Finds Acceptance

A story for gender self-identifying kids

Counselor Adrianne Wagner, MA, NCC, takes you and your child on a journey with Creative Chameleon, who learns to trust herself as she encounters several teachers on her path to self-acceptance.


Creative Chameleon is a helpful resource for teaching acceptance of self and others to children who are gender self-identifying. But she will capture the hearts and imaginations of all children, as her encounters offer wisdom and insight into feeling "different," identifying and expressing emotions, and accepting and loving who you are.


With helpful questions, recommendations and resources for caregivers, as well as drawing pages for emotional processing for children, "Creative Chameleon finds Acceptance," will be a resource that you will come back to again and again as your child develops.

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