I help people who are grieving get back into alignment, so that they can transform their pain and discover their Divine life purpose, while leaving a legacy to honor their loved one.

If you’ve experienced the loss of someone you love, life has changed drastically for you. In the struggle of grief, you may not know who you are anymore. You may question the meaning of life, death, and your own life's purpose.​

I was in a similar dark place 16 years ago, when my baby died.

You are not alone in this grief.

Let me help you transform your pain into purpose. 

​My work has been in life transitions and grief. I have worked in mental health for over 20 years, the last 10 of those years at a hospice; counseling the dying and bereaved. I've worked with adults, children and families to help them work through their grief. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation by clicking  


The Grief Transformation Process

If you are ready to work through your grief and transform your pain to purpose, consider applying to my program "Transforming Grief in 9 weeks."

In my program you will:

  • Get 1:1 individualized counseling support

  • Receive exclusive, private weekly support group access

  • Be given a free PDF version of my book A Mother's Hidden Grief

  • Have ongoing access to an audio meditation Accessing your angels and guides

  • Experience a personal Angel Card reading 

  • Create a personalized coping plan 

  • Discover new ways to honor and leave a legacy in remembrance of your loved one.

  • Learn a 7 step process to learn how to manage your pain, support your family and live your life again!

Once you complete the 9 week program, you will get an offer for my 12 month program, providing you with personalized support for an entire year. 

Due to the personalized attention, spaces are limited to 6 people. I only accept people into the program who are ready and willing to trust the process and face and transform their grief. Apply BELOW.

Check out my YouTube channel for free content about grief and how to manage it!


I help people who are struggling with their relationships learn who they want to be so they can change their family programming and create the life they want.

If you've lost yourself in your relationships, find you take on other people's emotions, and have a strong drive toward service and helping others, you may also find that your relationships don't always support you in the ways that you need. 

-Maybe you take on too much or give too much to others.

-Perhaps you drain yourself in the service of others or your loved ones.

-You might feel disconnected, isolated and lonely in your relationships.

-You may have a hard time taking care of yourself.

Many compassionate people find themselves where you are. You aren't the only one!

Let me support you in becoming the person you want to be, instead of living your life on auto-pilot.

My "Relationship Reset" program will help you;

  • Learn why you take on other's emotions, why you give instead of receive and how self-abandonment is programmed into you.

  • Understand the habits that hold you back from getting the healthy relationships you want.

  • Get clear on why your relationships aren't working the way you dreamed.

  • Design and implement the best version of yourself-recreating a new foundation and compass for making decisions in your life and relationships.

  • Discover how to easily recognize what is best for you and when to take action, and why alignment with your higher self is important.

  • Feel more acceptance and ease, lowering anxiety and depressive symptoms so you can live your life more fully.

  • Learn to recognize when and how to set limits with others so you can finally have the healthy relationships you want.

  • Recognize how your thoughts impact your feelings and actions, and how your choices can lead to feelings of empowerment instead of entrapment and hopelessness. 

Due to the personalized attention, each 9 week cohort is limited to 6 people. I only accept people into the program who are ready to do transformative work. ​

Apply BELOW.

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