Your Energetic Being: Exploring your Chakras


The first workshop in our "Energy Awareness Series" is a beginner course that will teach you; 

1. Information about the 7 main energy centers in your body

2. Where you may have old or stuck energy patterns

3. What essential oils are helpful to each chakra

4. How to release and receive energy to balance your body


$25 pp - includes a personalized mini essential oil and refreshments.


Feeling Grounded and Secure: Coping With Stress by Balancing Your Energy


The second workshop in our "Energy Awareness" series will; 

1. Examine what coping strategies you use to deal with stress

2. Deepen your practice of body awareness through relaxation techniques

3. Explore crystals and their properties in relation to each Chakra to help you ground your energy

4. Help us understand how our thinking -false self- contributes to our stress.


$25 pp - includes a customized crystal charm/bracelet and refreshments.



Protecting Yourself Energetically: Ancient Traditions and Angels


In the third workshop of the series, you will learn tools to protect your home, family and personal space from harmful/negative energy.


Utilizing American Indian and Christian traditions, you will feel empowered as you access your Divine power and claim protection.


$25 pp - includes a smudge stick and refreshments.


Finding Balance: Nurturing Your Mind, Body and Spirit


This whole body workshop takes a holistic approach in examining where you need balance and how to achieve it using easy tools and your intuition as guide. You will learn to connect with your soul self and release old patterns using "awareness cards," "Soul writing" and a releasing exercise.


$25 pp - includes an awareness card and refreshments.

Meditation 101: Living with Intention


Living mindfully is critical if we want to accomplish our goals and live an authentic life. Learn how to successfully incorporate a meditation practice into your busy world, in order to live deeper.


$25 pp - includes a meditation candle and refreshments.

Wide Awake: Unveiling your Soul’s Purpose


Discover your passion and purpose as you awaken to your authenticity and power. We will journey to your center, “the jewel within the lotus,” through spirit writing and present moment awareness so that you can discover what messages your soul is whispering.


$25 pp - includes a take home personal journal and refreshments.


If you have any questions about these workshops or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact Adrianne via the contact page.